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T-10 Prototype

Su-27 Su-27UB P42

Su-30 Su-30MK Su-30 MKI

Su-27IB Su-32FN Su-34

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Flanker armament

bCAD software to operate with Flankers 3D models
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Info about CD contets

Flankers CD is created by ProPro Group using materials officially published by Sukhoy design bureau.

CD contains 3D models in following file formats, stored on appropriate folders:

BDF for an original bCAD software, used to design models. bCAD models are most informative, among of 3D geometry contain textures, cameras, and lights allow to create photorealistic images, cross-sections and 2D projections of models. To view BDF data You can install an evaluation version of bCAD software from the bCAD directory on this CD.

3DS for Autodesk 3D Studio R3/4 and compatible software

MAX for Autodesk 3D Studio MAX R2

DXF for Autodesk AutoCAD and any other DXF compatible software

Each dataset folder contains equal set of subfolder with models of appropriate Flanker version:

T10 - a Su-27 prototype
Su-27 an original Su-27 at its closest modifications
Su-30 Su-30MK and Su-30MKI
Su-32 Su-32FN (former designation Su-34)
Su-33 naval version of Flanker
Su-35-37 latest development of Flankers with superagility features
Missiles folder contains a set of the models of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface missiles, used as a Flanker armament.