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  Optimization of sheet materials cutting.


“bCUT” is the program for optimization of sheet materials cutting, intended, mainly, for woodworking, metalworking and industrial furniture manufacturing. It allows automatically calculate cutting patterns of rectangular billets on squared shape sheets, taking into account technological parameters of the equipment used for sawing and edge banding, print cutting patterns, reports and labels for details. It's also possible to create programs for cutting on Altendorf® sawing machines.

bCUT window

Here is a short list of features:

Standalone application

“bCUT” is standalone program. For its using there is no necessity to get “bCAD Furniture”. It can be installed on separate computer near or directly on an industrial site.

Fast order processing

Build-in calculator and specially designed keyboard functions are optimized for fast data input. You can enter details dimensions and edge bands with one hand only, using NumPad part of standard keyboard, without annoying keyboard-mouse hands moves.

Built-in materials and equipment catalogue allows you to select or change materials and equipment parameters within a second.

Data importing

bCUT can read data from Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 spreadsheets and text files without any format restrictions. You can also import several workbooks of Excel spreadsheet in one time.

Simple user interface

bCUT uses standard interface of Microsoft Windows applications. bCUT automatically checks input data for cutting possibility, base on selected equipment and materials properties. It prevents “wrong” detail to be taking in account during optimization and document generation. All errors are indicated with an perceptible icons supplied with detailed error description.
Thus, it allows localizing problems quickly, before order will go to the carpentry workshop.

Edge banding operations support

bCUT automatically calculates edge banding material usage during creation of cutting patterns. It's also possible to automatically adjust detail's dimension according to allowance of selected edge banding.

Equipment support

bCUT allows you to create manufacturing task using native equipment parameters. You work in the terms of equipment used in manufacturing. When you change equipment, such as sawing machine, bCUT automatically adjust parameters. So, there are no any needs for manual details parameters adjustment.

The quantity of machines is unlimited.

High speed of optimization

“bCUT” provides high speed of  optimization. It is reached by using fast algorithms and parallel calculation on a multiprocessor computers, such as Intel Core2Duo.

Optimization jobs organized as independent, parallel task, which can be executed separately or in block. You can optimize cutting patterns of more than one material in one time.


You can delete some patterns and recalculate layout of unplaced details only, using different optimizations criteria.

Automatic calculation of billet allowances

There is a possibility to automatically calculate billet allowances basing on different parameters of equipment and technological processes.

Output documents

Convenient, output documents: cutting pattrens, summary sheets, labels for details and scraps.

Demo version

If you are interested of bCUT possibilities, you can download demo version

You can buy bCUT in bCAD Ltd.