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  Programs for design, drawing and manufacturing


Cabinet furniture and trade equipment design

Full complect

bCAD Pro
bCAD Pro” — program system for design, designing and preparation of manufacture products from sheet and profile (systems of profiles) materials, and also the premises issued with their use.
Furniture, the trading equipment, exhibition halls, offices, bars, trading pavilions, small architectural forms and many other things — successfully project in bCAD Pro.
Includes possibilities of all other products in line.

Trade equipment design

bCAD Showcase
bCAD Showcase” — program system for trading design — designing of trading premises, including, in direct contact to the customer. Reduces time of design and designing of premises: accelerates a choice and equipment placing, automates reception of estimates and specifications.
It is possible to apply it for designing of institutions and public catering: dining rooms, cafe, kitchens and so on.

Cabinet furniture design

bCAD Furniture
bCAD Furniture” — program system for furniture designing. All design stages: design, designing and technological preparation of furniture manufacturing, and also design of offices and apartments interiors together with furniture and selection of furniture for the buyer in furniture salons and — these are problems to which decision with success the package bCAD Furniture can be applied.

Furniture sales

bCAD Salon
bCAD Salon” — program system for furniture sale in a trading floor, in direct contact to buyer and preliminary design of a premise. It allows to facilitate process of configuration of complete sets of furniture and reception of the registration documentation. Except furniture, in the complete set it is possible to consider and other elements of interior, and also the built in equipment.

CNC Export module

bCAD — CNC Export module
Applet “DXF CNC Export module” is intended for the data acquisition, facilitating start of manufacture of the projects developed with “ bCAD Pro” and “bCAD Furniture”. It automates process of creation of operating programs for manufacturing of sheet details (panels) on milling and drilling machines with numerical programmed control (CNC) of some manufacturers.

Cutting of sheet materials

bCUT - Cutting of sheet materials
bCUT” — the program for automation of sheet materials cutting intended, mainly, for manufacture of case furniture. It allows to expedite an apportion of rectangular preparations on squared shape sheets, with the account of technological parameters of the equipment, to unpack cutting pattrens and labels for details, to create programs for cutting and the press of labels on Altendorf® machines.